A Typical Day

A Typical Day at Performing Arts Preschool

9:00-9:15/12:00-12:15 Welcome and Entry Task

This is our transition from home to school.  After the children place their items away and say goodbye to family members, they will join their friends at their table spot and work on a simple activity to challenge and inspire learning. This is a great time for them to positively interact with their peers and work on developing their fine motor skills.

9:15-9:45/12:15-12:45 Calendar and Circle Time

Circle and calendar time is an important part of our daily routine. We gather in a large group and share stories, calendar, songs, finger plays, counting and language games, and more! This time is also used to introduce new classroom materials, discuss the current theme, and plan what individual children will choose for Learning Center Time.

9:45-10:20/12:45-1:20  Pre-Ballet / Music for Little Mozarts

Our preschoolers explore basic academic concepts; however, our students also receive creative movement, music, and art on a daily basis. Children need ample time to exercise and move their bodies each day. During this time children have the opportunities for enrichment in the Kinesthetic Arts. Our Pre-Ballet and Music for Little Mozarts curriculums include dancing, creative movement, musical, and performing experiences.

10:20-11:00/1:20-2:00   Learning Center Time

Learning Center Time is an active, free-choice discovery and exploration play experience, as well as time for teachers to work on academic skills with individual and small groups of children. Learning Centers are specific places and materials in the classroom designed to support direct, hands-on learning. Some centers include theme-of-the week projects, building blocks, dramatic play, creative art, math, writing, reading, sensory play, science and more.

11:00-11:20/2:00-2:20  Outside Play

Outside time is important for preschoolers. Outside play helps small children work on gross motor skills, social skills, and problem solving. It helps children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.

11:20-11:30/2:20-2:30 Closing Activity

This is our closing routine time. At this time we have teacher-led discussion encouraging the children to review the day’s activities and pack up.